Helping LGBTQ+ refugees resettle in JAPAN!

Japan’s refugee program is based on the UN Convention Relating to the Status of Refugees signed in 1951 later signed by Japanese government in 1981.

We also encourage you to visit Japan Refugee Association .

Please contact us when you have completed your application for refugee supported by Japan Refugee Association.

Rainbow Refugee Connection Japan

If you have UNHCR refugee certificate, you can use our shelter in case it has vacancy.

Please notice that Japanese government never accept you unless you have UNHCR refugee certificate. Without it,you have some risk to be sent to the worldwide-notorious terrible detention center called “Ushiku” where asylum seekers are forced to commit suicide. Many asylum seekers really died in the dreadful facility.


After you receive the notification of refugee recognition interview, be careful for so called “address problem”.
Immigration asks you where you are living by Japanese language.
The officer of the first section “refugee examination department(office)” has no ability to listen to your English.
Please ask us to accompany you to explain where you are living.
Without any Japanese speakers , your interview may be postponed 3 times and lose 3 months.
This kind of harassment of asylum seekers indicate they have certain intention to reduce the number of interviews.
If you fortunately to be allowed to go in the next room “refugee examination department(調室)” , feel free to tell your story.
If you can’t speak English, you can ask to arrange interpreter.
Young interviews have learned LGBT issue. Of course they know the word of “LGBT” but they may have stereotype of recognition about sexual orientation and gender identity. Furthermore, Japanese people can’t imagine deadly violence based on gender orientation and sexual identity because their knowledge is limited to only verbal abuse on LGBT. You should explain the risk of physical violence with enough reality.